Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good News!!!

I haven't been able to get on and post all week because my internet at home has been broke. It has been killing me. Its been a crazy/great week!! Sunday morning we got a BFP!!!!!!! I took like 5 tests just because I love seeing it say "pregnant". So Monday I called and went in and got my first beta which was 1,900, yes 1,900 on day 29 about 16 or 17 dpo. So all of tuesday I was freaking out that this was too high. My doc said it was high and it could be more than one. I am great with having twins, and have always kind of thought I would have twins but more than twins scares me just because I want them to be healthy. So we went in Wednesday for the second beta I was worried it was going to triple or more since my first was so high but I got the call this morning and it was 4,026 which is just a little more than double, the tests were like 50 hrs apart. This is the first time my beta's have actually double like they were supposed to and it is a GREAT feeling. They are still really high but after doing ALOT of researching online and reading message boards I feel better about it, I read about tons of people that had numbers this high and had 1 or 2 babies. I will be so happy with however many we end up with and I know it is all in God's plan. So anyways we go in April 20th (6w 1d) for a ultrasound and see what is going on in there! Until then I will just have to be patient. This might be the hardest 2ww yet!